Forklift Hire and Medical Standards

Any employee or operator using a fork truck hire company for their forklift should be aware of the medical standards that are required of them. Many operations require the use of a forklift truck in some cases the whole working progress of specific business relies on the use of a forklift truck such as distribution or in retail for example. Fork trucks are potentially very dangerous pieces of equipment and so the proper training must be given and health safety regulations are to be strictly followed.

The HSG6 booklet states that all employees and operators of a fork lift truck must be screened for fitness before employment and at regular intervals thereafter in middle age to ensure their health remains a high standard. An examination should take place at the age of 40 and thereafter at five-yearly intervals up to the age of 65 is recommended. When an employee reaches over 65 an examination should be conducted every year.

Fork Lift Trucks and Sickness

Not only do regular scheduled checks need to be carried out but if an operator or employee becomes sick or an accident occurs which means the employee is absent for more than one month then a further check up is recommended before they start back at work. This is to ensure that the sickness or accident has not affected the employee so much so that they can no longer operate the forklift truck in the appropriate manner.

A person operating a fork lift truck who is not physically fit can cause injury to others around them and to themselves. Any employer who is in doubt of an employee’s health standard who is operating a fork lift truck should request for that employee to get checked over.