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          The Military College of South Carolina
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          出国留学 with The Citadel School of Humanities and Social Science
          The Citadel 口述历史计划
          Opportunities in Leadership
          Charleston Strong Mural
          毕业 Certificate in Intelligence Analysis
          Fine Arts at The Citadel
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          出国留学:看不同的世界 成为全球学者
          Global Scholars Program

          School of Humanities & Social Sciences

          The School of Humanities & Social Sciences is the foundation of a liberal arts education at The Citadel. It teaches students the fundamental principles of major fields of knowledge. It develops their appreciation of the diversity of the human experience. It cultivates their ability to conduct research, to think critically, to draw logical conclusions, and to express their thoughts effectively. It encourages them to welcome--and to learn from--conversations with people who use the same process to arrive at conclusions different from their own. And it emphasizes the need constantly to expand the boundaries of knowledge by promoting the research and publication of its faculty. Through this process, the SHSS seeks to prepare and motivate students to be informed, principled, and effective leaders in all avenues of life. Among the professions most commonly pursued by SHSS majors are: business, the armed forces, law & law enforcement, education, and public service in a variety of local, state, and federal agencies. Distinguished alumni include Ernest F. Hollings, John C. West, Joseph P. Riley, Jr., and Pat Conroy. 阅读更多关于人文社会科学的最新添加的学校 源泉春天2020简讯.

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